Sick Leave

After a particularly hectic month culminating in a short but intensive rehearsal period for a new writing/short play event called The Miniaturists at the Arcola theatre, my body decided enough was enough. As soon as the last performance ended, I came down with a nasty throat infection/laryngitis which left me laid up and voiceless for about a week.  Continue reading

The Elephant Man

A slight change in scheduling circumstances has led to my theatre excursions being bunched up more so than usual, with three consecutive nights out at the theatre this week. Ordinarily it wouldn’t be a problem but I’ve said “yes” to a project which is a bit of a mad experiment – 3 rehearsals to devise a new 20 minute musical which will have two performances at The Arcola theatre this coming Sunday. With work, rehearsals and trying to learn lines and music for Sunday’s event, I could have done with a few evenings off. But as they say “first world problems” and all that. Continue reading

Cast Your Vote

It’s the morning of the general election and you’d be forgiven for feeling a little weary of all the drama that goes on within politics these days. However, if you fancy a bit more politics in your drama, head to the theatre. Here’s a small selection (in no particular order) of election-themed events taking place in London’s theatreland. Continue reading