When “resting” becomes “unemployment”

It’s been months since my last audition; months since my last properly paid acting job and though I did a reading of two new scripts as part of the Screen Rebels event recently, the weeks are now stretching ahead like a yawning chasm without any creative projects in the pipeline or a snifter of acting work on the horizon.  Continue reading

Mindful Practise

I decided to dust off my cello today and practise a few scales. It’s something I should do on a weekly basis as I’ve managed to get a few acting jobs on the back of being able to play the cello but like any skill, it takes work to keep it going. Although I love playing, I find that I put off practising because other things end up taking priority and because that word, “practise”, conjures up images of repetitive training that isn’t usually enjoyable or fun.  Continue reading

London Beach Scene

“London has a beach scene?” (I hear you ask incredulously). Well…kind of…We may not rival Sydney or Barcelona in terms of city beaches but a few places around the capital have tried to capture that “beside the sea” feeling over the summer. It mainly involves a patch of sand, some deckchairs and a bar or two but hey, drink enough Pimms and you’ll barely notice the lack of salt air, crashing waves and palm trees. Continue reading